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Hurricane Prep Made Easy: Get Your Family Safe & Sound with this Kit

Get ready for hurricane season with Solargy Power!

A hurricane kit is your best ally before a major storm hits. This kit includes essential supplies to help you tackle any challenges that may arise during and after the hurricane, such as power outages

Don’t wait until the last minute – prepare now to keep your family safe and protected!

Our kit includes:

  • Wagan Tech® EX18 Lithium Cube 
  • 200W Foldable Solar Panel.

Lithium Cube

The lithium cube helps power your appliances and recharge your devices in emergency situations. It can be recharged on the go, using the car’s DC socket or through a solar panel.

Solargy Lithium Cube 3

200W Foldable Solar Panel

This solar panel provides a high-quality solar energy source for the Lithium Cube EX and other electronic devices. With a flexible, lightweight, waterproof, self-cleaning, and impact-resistant design, it is specifically designed to generate power during emergency situations. It operates smoothly even on cloudy, partially shaded, or dust-covered days.

Solargy Panel table 2
Solargy 200w foldable panel 1
Solargy 200w foldable panel 2
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