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Eco-friendly solutions

We are a corporation whose purpose is to offer cutting-edge services and technologies using eco-environmental systems through solar products.

Electricity Efficiency

Our goal is to generate efficient energy through the use of solar panels and high-quality technical equipment.

Alternative Energy

We offer an electrical energy generating alternative through the implementation of high efficiency solar energy systems at very competitive prices.


Attain energy autonomy through our solar solutions! Produce sustainable electricity, reducing long-term expenses with optimized designs. Our systems guarantee uninterrupted power, customized to your specifications and grid dependability. Employing meticulous analysis, we size your system efficiently, incorporating panels and optional batteries. Collaborating with leading suppliers ensures top-notch quality. We deliver continuous support and maintenance for optimal performance. Our flexible systems are suitable for grid or hybrid configurations. Moreover, the installation of solar panels enhances property value, expediting sales. Embrace solar for enduring financial and environmental benefits!

In the state of Florida
The Federal Solar Energy Tax Credit lets homeowners deduct up to 26% of solar system costs from federal taxes. Florida offers property tax exemptions for residential solar systems.


Experience comprehensive project assistance encompassing land surveys, plant design, site selection, electrical planning, engineering analysis, network diagrams, and manufacturing documentation. Our specialization spans diverse energy projects for residential and commercial sectors, custom-tailored to your requirements. Services extend to installation and continuous monitoring for optimal performance. We are flexible and dedicated to fulfilling your energy needs!


Our experience in the electrical field allows us to offer our clients consistent and reliable electrical testing and commissioning services. Our work allows our clients to have peace of mind that all operational components of a project—from planning and design up to the actual construction, implementation, or installation—are functioning as they should be. We thoroughly inspect, document, and verify that a project’s progress is at par with our client’s requirements and specifications, and with the respective regulatory standards.


Seeking to enhance facility lighting? Our retrofitting service provides Solar LED or LED luminaires, elevating energy efficiency, reducing operating costs, and improving lighting quality.
Specializing in solar systems, we upgrade panels for enhanced energy production and long-term savings. Require system modifications? We craft customized solutions for evolving needs.
In the realm of EV charging, we optimize speed and efficiency, also offering relocation services.
Backed by certified electricians, we guarantee top-quality, compliant installations. Rely on us for technical expertise, up-to-date knowledge, and adherence to safety standards.

B2B Product sales

Acknowledging that meeting our clients’ energy needs often requires sourcing a varied range of products and equipment, we stay true to our vision by establishing exclusive partnerships that ensure a continuous supply of cutting-edge technologies and products.
We excel in delivering quality materials and products, whether in large or small quantities, with flexible management of delivery options. We adhere to high-level regulatory requirements such as the Buy American Act and maintain highly competitive prices.

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