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Project Types

Solar power

(residential, commercial, large scale)

Capture the energy of the sun! Solar photovoltaic projects harness the most resilient power source known to humanity: the sun! Our photovoltaic designs cater to a diverse audience, from residential homeowners seeking to trim household energy costs to business owners aiming to reduce or eliminate overhead expenses, and savvy investors looking to generate and sell substantial energy. We excel in designing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining solar projects for residential, commercial, and large-scale purposes.

Solar vehicle re-charge

(residential, commercial, fleet)

The surge in Electric Vehicles (EVs) is indisputable, and the demand for charging stations is escalating each day. We specialize in comprehensive stations, serving individual EVs to extensive fleets. Our strength lies in collaborations with businesses providing proprietary software, creating an interconnected charger network. These chargers communicate seamlessly, optimizing capacity without requiring major electrical upgrades. This results in significant cost savings for our clients, enabling them to invest in sustainable transportation infrastructure.

Energy storage

(residential and commercial)

Energy storage initiatives revolve around a battery bank that captures and stores energy for future utilization. In environments where the energy source is unreliable, these projects are invaluable, serving as a dependable backup for critical equipment in residential, commercial, and large-scale settings. At Solargy, we stand prepared to offer comprehensive assistance in shaping your project, from identifying and developing needs to installation, commissioning, and ongoing system maintenance.

Hurricane preparedness

As hurricane season looms, millions in the eastern US and the Caribbean face the threat of potential power outages. Our commitment is to establish energy independence, tailoring solutions ranging from temporary fixes to year-round strategies. Our personalized approach commences with a thorough assessment to comprehend each client’s needs, challenges, and resources. For enduring solutions, we present sustainable solar installations with battery storage and solar-powered lighting, ensuring uninterrupted power. Additionally, we provide compact alternatives such as mobile solar generators and foldable panels for immediate emergency needs. With us, clients gain peace of mind, knowing they are prepared for any situation, be it temporary disruptions or long-term resilience.


Experience brilliant illumination with our state-of-the-art solar-powered LED luminaires, designed for every corner of your home or business. Whether you seek small LED bulbs or substantial street lamps and reflectors, we offer the perfect shape and size to meet your lighting needs! Beyond reducing energy consumption, LED lights deliver cost savings on maintenance for our clients. Furthermore, our larger LED luminaires come equipped with integrated solar panels, batteries, and power inverters, ensuring self-sufficiency. Without the need for external cables, batteries, or additional panels, these lamps are always ready for installation, ready to shine. Connect with us to explore the versatile applications of our LED lights.

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