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4303 Brite-Nite #Camplites™ POP-UP Lantern


4303 Brite-Nite #Camplites™ POP-UP Lantern

3 Lighting modes, 200 lumens, Lantern and a Flashlight all in one!

Get to know the Pop-Up Lantern!
We’ve made a short introduction video so you can see all of the features and angles of the #Camplite Pop-Up Lantern.

Brite-Nite™ Pop-Up Lantern
Our 4303 Brite-Nite #Camplites™ POP-UP Lantern will certainly light up your life. Using common and readily available AA batteries, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern is ideal for camping, hiking, emergencies, power outages, and other night-time outdoor activities. Converting from a flashlight to lantern is easy; just a quick pull of the front cap upwards is all that it takes! With the powerful magnets, hanging hooks, 3 lighting modes, and multi-function design, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern will make your next camping trip conveniently bright.

As a Flashlight
Producing 200 lumens on high using the CREE LED emitter, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern is an exceptional flashlight. With a solid circle pattern and optimized reflector, the beam shines out to 885 feet and can be seen from miles away. For up-close work, around the campsite/hiking trail, or neighborhood, the low mode is ideal producing a strong 100 lumen beam. In S.O.S. mode, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern can run for 24 hours and can summon help to your location.

As a Lantern
At 200 lumens on high, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern is an exceptional area light. Hanging from a tree, on the picnic table, in the tent, or hanging from a pack, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern is a multi-function lantern that provides brilliant illumination where you need it. In low mode, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern produces 100 lumens and is great for more intimate or closed in areas (like a tent) where less illumination is needed. As a lantern, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern can be placed on a car roof, backpack, trail head, or nearly any surface to be used as a marker light.

How to Use
On the bottom of the 4303 Brite-Nite #Camplites™ POP-UP Lantern are strong magnets, two hanging hooks, and the power switch. To turn the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern on in high mode, simply press the power switch once. Press the switch again to enter low lighting mode, and one more time to enter the S.O.S. flashing mode. Depressing the switch for a fourth time will turn the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern off. To transform the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern into a lantern, simply pull the black lens cap forward and the lantern globe will become exposed. To revert the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern back into flashlight mode, simply press the lens cap back towards the body of the light until fully seated.

When to Use
Whether you are doing work around the house, walking around the neighborhood, camping, hiking, or for emergencies on and off of the road, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern will deliver the light you need no matter where you are! Made of a durable and resilient plastic, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern is able to take the bumps of regular use.

Who it’s for
The beauty of the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern is that it can be used by anyone, anywhere. From kids in a backyard campout, handyman around the house, car repair, hiking on the trails, walking around the neighborhood, preppers, Boy Scouts, roadside emergencies, to a power outage at home, the Brite-Nite Pop-Up Lantern is an outstanding choice for anyone!

Quick List of Features

  • IPX4 rating
  • 3 Lighting Modes
  • Lantern
  • Flashlight
  • Hanging hooks
  • Strong magnetic base
  • Exceptionally bright at 200/100 lumens (High/Low)


Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 12.05 × 3.5 × 7 in
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